What is this web app for?

Have you signed up for a streaming service and want to share with your friends, but don't want to deal with all the hassle of managing costs, not to mention the fun chasing down that one annoying friend who always "forget" to pay. Well this app is for you. RusteyRooster makes sharing service subscriptions easy with your friends. We take care of the boring stuff, like managing the cost sharing, letting your friends know when you need to update account credentials so you don't need to message them individually. Obviously as your service account credentials are shared with your friends, you should only add friends that you know and trust in real life.

How does it work?

You can only share and subscribe services between friends so start inviting your friends first. When you share services with your friends you earn credits whenever they join your service. You can then use the credits to join services that your friends have available. As more friends subscribe to your service, cost for each of you lowers accordingly. Sharing is great! If you need to get more credits you can use supported transaction systems. At launch we support PayPal but we will onboard other systems soon.

How to get started?

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Search and invite friends you know and trust
  2. Set up your own services that you want to share
  3. Request to join your friends' services and accept your friends' requests
That's it. Enjoy all the services you and your friends now have access to!

What are credits?

Credits are used as fees to subscribe to your friends' services. 100 credits is 1 whole USD. You can get more credits by clicking "Add Credits" on Account page.

What happens if I want to change service account credentials?

You can change your account information anytime! In fact, it's recommended that you change your service account credentials whenever your friend is no longer subscribing to your service. When you do that, your friends who are still subscribed will get an automatic notification so they are in the know.

Is my account information safe?

Our service is hosted on enterprise cloud and website data transmission is encrypted, your account information is safe. However since your account information is shared with friends you allowed to subscribe, you should make sure you only allow friends that you know and trust.

It's also recommended that you treat your subscription account password like a disposable token that's unique to each service. It's not recommended to reuse same password for all your accounts.

How are service sharing costs deducted?

When you first accept your friend to join your service, current subscription cycle is pro-rated. Subsequent cycles would be deducted on the service cycle start date. We will send you reminders a few days before that happens if you're running low on credits, so make sure you have enough credits on your account balance to cover your subscriptions.

Can I exchange credits back to dollars?

Yes you can! We encourage you to enjoy subscriptions that your friends have, but if you really need the money, you can exchange credits back to dollars any time. Minimum refund amount is 5000 credits and we charge 5% processing fee to cover payment system transaction fees. At launch this process would be done manually by dropping us a note using the feedback form. We will automate this soon enough though.